Updated on November 18, 2020

Valued Customers, Colleague and Vendors: 

For your continued safety and ours, this office is locked during normal business hours. 

If you are dropping off earnest money or do not have an appointment please do not knock, call our main office number at (303) 831-7575. Earnest money will be collected through a secure electronic system under the guidance of our professional staff. 

If you have an appointment for a closing or are picking up or dropping off documents, please knock on the door. This exchange will take place with you in the hallway. 

Office Access Requirements:

  • Any party that is not essential to the signing process will not be admitted into the office. Notaries not conducting a signing, Realtors, Lenders, Brokers, attorneys, non-signing family members, children and anyone not signing documents are considered non-essential.  We do, however, welcome non-essential signing parties to participate in the signing via virtual platforms like zoom, and/or facetime or conference call.  Please let us know of your needs in advance of signing so that we may accommodate.  

  • To mitigate in-office traffic, whenever and as much as possible, we are strongly encouraging signings to be performed outside of our offices. 

  • If you have ANY cold/ flu like symptoms please let us know immediately and we will find an alternative signing time and location.

  • FedEx and UPS deliveries, please knock loudly and we will collect the packages from you.

Guests that are granted access need to comply with the following guidelines (READ CAREFULLY): 


2.    Please sanitize your hands upon entry.  

3.    You will be directed to a conference room immediately upon entry. 

4.   We will be providing the signing parties with a clean pen for signing. This pen is complimentary, feel free to take it with you after completing your signing.  

5. Please physically distance yourself from our team member, per CDC 6 feet.


Stay well!

Robert Lindley


Note: These guidelines are subject to change without notice