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Referrals: Our Network


Kevin Lazar, Esq.
Lazar Law, LLC

Kevin decided to open up his solo practice, Lazar Law, LLC, in October 2013, and focuses on elder law issues, estate administration, and estate planning, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advanced directives, and other estate planning documents.

Deanne R. Stodden, Esq.
Messner Reeves, LLP

Deanne is a partner with Messner Reeves, LLP.  Prior to joining Messner Reeves, Deanne was the owner of the Stodden Law Firm, LLC and of counsel to Carpenter & Klatskin, P.C..  Deanne’s practice encompasses all areas of real estate law, business law, banking law and creditor’s rights.

Katherine E. Whitney, Esq.
Spencer Fane, LLP

Ms. Whitney is a real estate lawyer in Denver who has been working on real estate transactions throughout Colorado’s Front Range for more than 10 years. Before she was a lawyer, she was a commercial lender, so she has a deep understanding of title and finance-related issues. 

Nathan G. Osborn, Esq.
Montgomery Little & Soran, PC

Nathan Osborn is an Equity Shareholder with Montgomery Little & Soran.  His practice is focused on real estate litigation, real estate transactions, and commercial litigation.  He also helps numerous real estate and medical businesses by acting as their full-service corporate attorney. 

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