Canyon Title Notary Application

What are our Notary requirements?


  • Current year E&O insurance 

    • Must have $250,000.00 minimum coverage to meet our underwriters’ requirements.  Please also consider that there are some lenders that require signing agents to have a minimum of $500,000.00 coverage.

    • For a notary company (multiple notaries under one policy), minimum is $1,000,000.00

NOTE – you can obtain E&O Insurance from most any insurance carrier;  here’s a link to one:



  • Current Colorado notary certificate


  • Resume

    •  Include years of signing experience, how many signings you’ve done and what types (refinance, purchase, reverse mortgage, etc) – rough estimate is fine.


  • Notary Expectations acknowledged (on application)


  • Your fee sheet and general area of operation/travel

   Our standard payment schedule is as follows (these are negotiable):

  • Refinance: $100

  • Full purchase:  $150

  • Buyer side purchase with loan: $125

  • Seller side or cash buyer side:  $75

  • Reverse mortgage:  $125


  • Provide any foreign languages you speak


  • Note any days/times you are absolutely unavailable