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What Does Closing Look Like?

Prepare For Closing

  • Find out where and when your closing will take place

  • Ask how much money you need to bring to closing and how to pay.

  • If you are paying by wire, call your closer’s office directly to confirm the wire instructions prior to transferring any money.
    ***Canyon will never change our wire instructions. ***

  • Bring with you a valid government issue photo ID (Driver’s license, passport) and a second just in case (proof of health or auto insurance or a membership card).

At Closing

  • You will be greeted by your closer who will make photocopies of all signers’ required identification.

  • Your closer will review loan documents with the Buyer and have them sign where appropriate. This takes about 30-45 minutes.

  • If your Lender requires funding conditions, they will be sent to the Lender for approval.

  • Your closer will review the Real Estate documents to verify that they are accurate, and all have been signed. This includes the Warranty Deed, which is the document that officially transfers title and ownership from the Seller to the Buyer.

  • Once all funds are in from the Buyer and Lender, and the Lender has provided funding approval...

  • Congratulations! Closing is complete! At this time, your closer will distribute funds according to the closing instructions from all parties.

After Closing

  • Canyon Title has partnered with Qualia to safely and securely store your important closing documents. Watch for an email from Qualia with your unique Link to access your document portal.

  • The Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, and all other essential documents are immediately recorded at the county clerk’s office.

  • The Owner’s Title Policy is generally issued within 30 days of the closing date and sent directly to the new homeowners. This is a very important legal document and should be kept even after you sell the house in the future.

What To Bring

  • All signers must bring a valid government issued photo ID - a valid driver’s license, a picture ID issued by the state, or a valid passport.

  • If there has been a change in marital status, let your closer know immediately. The party whose name has changed will be asked to provide identification reflecting the new name, as well as a marriage license or divorce decree documenting the change; it is helpful to have these items prior to the closing, rather than at the closing table, so the closer can make sure all documents are prepared correctly.

  • In the event there is a deceased party on title, any Estate Documents as listed in our Title Commitment, such as Death Certificate, Letters of Appointment, or Personal Representative’s Deed.

  • Colorado law requires that Buyers bring good funds to closing. Good funds can be a wire or cashier’s check made payable to Canyon Title Company.

  • Sellers need to know their Social Security number (or Tax Identification Number) to complete IRS documents at the closing table.

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