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Fri, Sep 28


Canyon Title - DTC

Advance Door Knocking Class

Do you want to be masterful at the doors (and with people in general)?

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Time & Location

Sep 28, 2018, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Canyon Title - DTC, 8400 E Crescent Pkwy #550, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, USA

About the event

  • Do you want to be masterful at the doors (and with people in general)? Well, let’s be honest: no one ever "wants" to knock on a door in the first place. If you could find a way to do lots of business without knocking on doors - that's what you would sign up for, right??? However, deep down inside you know that there is no magic bullet. Despite all the promises and gimmicks marketed to you on a daily basis, the only thing that really works is ‘Doing The Work.’ And The Work is talking to people every day. For you, that could be open house, caling your sphere, social networking, and/or knocking on doors. And if you are knocking on doors, hopefully its on a regular, or semi-regular, basis. If you really are knocking on doors with some sort of consistence (even if it is low), then this workshop mght be for you. Here's why: After teaching a basic door knocking class for several years, I realize that there are so many little things that I take for granted. Processes that I have streamlined over time. Things I do that I don’t even think about - but that you are likely struggling over. Hours every week wasted on things that don’t matter.
  • Is is possible that there are dozens of little tricks and tips learned in knocking on over 100,000 doors, over 14 years, that I could share with you?
  • Is it crazy to think that you could be saved from dozens of mistakes and time wasters?
  • Is it unreasonable to think that you could improve your efficiency and effectiveness?
  • In the workshop we will cover, in detail, things like:
  • What to hand out at the door.
  • How to keep track of who you talk to, and how to follow up.
  • How to easily send follow up notes to people you talk to with little or no effort.
  • Who’s contact info to get and follow up with.
  • How to figure out where to start
  • Where do you park your car?
  • How do you just magically pull into a neighborhood and jump right out of your car? No agonizing about whether you should get out or not.
  • How to fuel yourself - food, hydration
  • What happens the second, third, or fourth time you meet someone? What do you say then?
  • How do you create a relationship where they call you when something changes in their life?
  • How do you become someone they refer business to?
      You might be thinking, “why didn’t you cover all this in the first class? How could I?
      The basic door knocking class is getting people a framework for knocking on doors. If you have no overall framework, and no-to-little experience doing it, all of this information would be a complete waste of time. This class is ONLY for people who are going to door knock on a semi-regular or regular basis. Meaning, they are doing it weekly as part of their lead generation. And/or they are using door knocking to promote listings, open houses, or finding property for their buyers.
      DON’T COME TO THIS CLASS if you are going to knock on doors only 2 or 3 times a year. This will not be a good use of your time. (Instead keep doing what you are already doing, or come to a basic door knocking class if you want to try it on a more regular basis) . I knock on doors 160+ days per year. I have been doing that for 14+ years.
      Most people are not going to do that. That's okay. However, if you want to raiase you consistency and skill, if you want to take the next step for you, then this might be the class for you. It’s about making a bigger commitment to yourself and your business. If you really want to make door knocking part of your process, then this class IS for you.
      You will leave the class with all the tips and tricks I have perfected over the years. You might be thinking, “how do I implement everything?"
      Don’t worry - I have that handled for you. Included as part of the class is a 4 week follow up program. For the 4 weeks after the workshop, there will be a call every week. So you get a 4 hour workshop, PLUS 4 weeks to implement everything you got in the workshop and put it into practice. You know the hardest part is putting everything to use. That’s why the follow up program. If you are stuck on something, or you can’t figure something out - no problem - we will get it handled.
      You will have the 4 hour class, and then 4 weeks to get your systems and processes worked out for you. You don’t have to get them perfect, but you can make progress. If you have to miss a week - no problem. All the calls will be recorded. There will be plenty of opportunity to to get any issues resolved.
      Cost: $97.00

      Instructor: Steven Ross

      Hosted By: Morgan Bolinder

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